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This is yet another of those week's leading up to a vacation that's draaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging. I think part of it was this with Vix last week [still hurts; we got her ashes back yesterday in a beautiful wooden box. God bless our vet] and the fact that we have an Operations walk this week. There's been no time to slow down and relax at all. Only getting about three or four hours of sleep a night.

Oh, the sleeping I mean to do on vacation. Oh, yes. Sleeeeeeep.

So, two more days. The Operations visit is tomorrow, which is my last day at work. THANK GOD. We'll pick up the rental car on Saturday and be out of Dodge in the wee hours of Sunday morning. And then I don't have to see my job again until the following Tuesday. Is my check going to suck? Yes. Am I going to deal with it? Yes.

God, I need this. I so need this. And it's magic for my muse. Seriously. So you guys need this, too. ;) Trust me.


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