May. 17th, 2012

kalalanekent: (Lois :: Smoking)
While I know a lot of people aren't currently reading and reviewing over here, I thought I'd go ahead and warn you. I've been sick since Saturday with some sort of mutant monster virus I caught at work and that, combined with a lot of shuffling around at work and attendance issues and more freight than we can easily handle, is going to make us push ATU to next weekend.

There's just no way we're going to catch up in time with what's being dropped on me the next few days, I'm sleeping most of the time I'm actually at home rather than working on writing, and the quality of the work would be down-right shoddy, as the muse has pretty much flipped me off this week for the heavy sci-fi drama that is that 'verse. And all of you deserve better. I'm not just going to throw together a crummy chapter to make it in time. It insults me and my readers. I'd much rather wait.

Bear with us as I ride out yet another job-related blown deadline. RL is just really making things difficult a lot lately and I want to let you all know that we loved you to bit for staying with us through all the delays. The long-timers know how irritated it all makes me. I promise, a new chapter next weekend. We might even see if we can up the standard word-count a little. *hugs you all tight*

Just bear with me, okay?

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