Jun. 12th, 2012

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Taken directly from Superman Homepage. I weep for the future of our favorite characters:

While it was rumored for some time now, yesterday's DC Comics September 2012 Solicitations confirmed that Scott Lobdell would come on board as the new writer for the monthly "Superman" comic book title.

HuffingtonPost.com conducted an interview with Scott to ask him what we can expect from his run on "Superman". Here's an excerpt from the interview...

In an economy where readers are being forced to stretch their comic book dollar, how is your Superman going to distinguish himself from the other Superman books?

SL: Forced? I don't like to think we're forcing anyone to buy anything... I like to think we're providing readers with an opportunity to share an epic story rooted in a character that - some seven decades later - stands head and shoulders above all the other super heroes that have come after him.

As far as comparing Superman to the other books, I would say apples and oranges - if those apples and oranges had a bright red "S" on their chests! Grant [Morrison] does that great retro-freshness he does and Geoff [Johns] gives us an unbridled action movie every month - I'm determined to give you a Superman that surprises you from issue to issue.

That's not hyperbole, either, when I finished the plot for the first issue I gasped!

And then I gasped again when editorial approved it!

They have the link to the full interview there on the site, which I linked to above. Me, I've seen bits of it and can't stomach reading the entire thing. I just... This is the man behind the canon-rape of a comic 'Red Hood and the Outlaws', in which we don't even recognize the original characters in the title. *makes face* I will not rant, I will not rant...

With full credit to magnetic-rose@Tumblr. God, so perfect!

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