Jul. 20th, 2012

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So everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, this week has been a total wash except the writing. I keep losing internet and everything has had me pretty hermitty the last little while. Between Vixen having renal failure [we're working on a fix for that, if it's possible], the pipes here as Chez Roy-Joos messing up [can't run the washing machine without the toilets overflowing], the surprise Pitbull in our front gate when we came home on Saturday that we're desperately trying to find a home for, hours going down at work and management trying to pit us against each other for what's left, and just general-purposes letdowns and chewings-out by various people in my life, I'm just kinda...wrung-out.

And this after having three days off last week and staying in a gorgeous four-star hotel for Anissa's birthday.

So yeah, thank God for writing. Cheapest therapy I know. 
kalalanekent: (LS-verse :: Twins :: A Piece of Each Oth)
<- Another big one up this week and some seriously important scenes to the future.

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