Sep. 16th, 2012

kalalanekent: (LS-verse :: Cissie)
Day late, but much better than it looked yesterday. I want to throw a wink and a nod at [ profile] xenokattz for her inspiration on Suzanne. She knows why and maybe later, so will you. ;) Thanks, lady, for making me never think of her without the wonderful background you've written for her in fandom. Also, thanks for your help the other night. I promise I'll link those fics later, once I get where I'm going with the plot here.

Also, belated thanks [if I somehow forgot to mention it] to my beloved [ profile] saavikam77 for ALL of the help and assistance on all thing Batclan. We could never have done what we've done with you and we all three know it. Then again, you have a ton of accolades coming up!

That said, on with the show!

Chapter Fourteen: Food for Thought )

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