Oct. 20th, 2012

kalalanekent: (Across the Universe :: Krypton II)
Good morning, all. Those that haven't received the news otherwise, due to a death in the family and a trip scheduled next weekend, ATU is not be posting on schedule in two weeks. Love and Other Headaches will be posted before we leave next Saturday [10/27] and we'll be back to Across the Universe on the following Saturday [11/10].

We actually have something big we're planning on writing for you guys while we're off for that week and it's been a fan-request for this 'verse. Even on vacation, we'll be writing plotting and planning, but there will be no chapter. There's just not time in the schedule for it, as much as I wish there was. As I'm about to start the holiday season as a Customer Service Lead in a large department store, I'm going to need all of the relaxation I can get. I hope you all understand.

That said, we'll see you next weekend and then in two weeks for the next chapter of ATU! Now, enjoy!

Chapter Thirty-Four: Entrapped within a Rare Tempest )

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