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Okay, here we go with this guy. Up until around 8 trying to get this one out. I love this chapter, but this week...been just crazy as the chapter itself with revelations and all. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one for all the little tidbits we winking at here. ;)

Chapter Sixteen: On Knife's Edge )
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The countdown to vacation and sanity hath begun. And I mean the REAL vacation. This year, we've made the decision that we're going to spend the money and head back up to the Blue Ridge again because the need to recharge is so huge. It's been two years and I'm NEVER going without at least one season up there again. I get absolutely too miserable without it.

That said, we'll be gone the 27th of October through the 2nd of November. Now, there's not going to be posting that week, as we'll be getting home the day before it's due and we plan to actually head out and do things so we can clear our heads and be filled up with all of those wonderful plots that Mountain-Time always gives us.

We'll be looking everything over and might even take two weeks, just so it's fair to both sets of readers. I hate to leave one or the other hanging, so I'll let you know what we decide. ;)

I'll keep you all posted.

Chapter Fifteen: Somewhere in Between )
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Day late, but much better than it looked yesterday. I want to throw a wink and a nod at [livejournal.com profile] xenokattz for her inspiration on Suzanne. She knows why and maybe later, so will you. ;) Thanks, lady, for making me never think of her without the wonderful background you've written for her in fandom. Also, thanks for your help the other night. I promise I'll link those fics later, once I get where I'm going with the plot here.

Also, belated thanks [if I somehow forgot to mention it] to my beloved [livejournal.com profile] saavikam77 for ALL of the help and assistance on all thing Batclan. We could never have done what we've done with you and we all three know it. Then again, you have a ton of accolades coming up!

That said, on with the show!

Chapter Fourteen: Food for Thought )
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We're back and with a fun little chapter that will hopefully whet the appetite. Thanks again to all of those we got the get-well wishes from! Again, it meant a lot!

Chapter Thirteen: It's A Hard-Knock Life )
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Another in just before zero hour. I am going to hit that bed so hard when I get these posted. ;) As the plots start to make themselves known and the story starts to gain a little momentum. A few hints for the future in this one, as well as an appearance of a famous...well, I don't know that I'd call him a villain, per se. Enjoy, all!

Chapter Twelve: Turning Circles )
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Wow, this one ended up HUGE, but then again, we're wanted to get this chapter out there for months, so it shouldn't be a surprise. And with all the planning and plotting for the future of the series, the muse just wanted to get it all out there. I'm crossing my fingers that my characterization for Batclan isn't too far off with my consultant on them being out for the next little while. *takes a deep breath*

This is likely going to be three parts here on LJ. The word count it will allow is a lot less than it used to be. *pouts* I'm only being able to fit about 3,000 words per post IF I'm lucky.

[Also, Helena's entry will be coming up in the index later today. I'm still looking for the perfect face-claim.]

Chapter Eleven: Reading Scarlet Letters )
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Author’s Note: This chapter deals with a major event in canon.  Yes, we’re writing AU, but some things just don’t need to be changed and probably couldn’t be improved.  Therefore certain lines of dialogue in this fic are taken directly from Batman: Under the Red Hood.  Credit for those lines—which the authors personally feel are amazingly powerful and should not be tampered with at all—should be given to Judd Winick.  *hats off, deep bows* 

Chapter Ten: In the Race for Disaster )

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Crazy-busy week. I hate that I'm only being able to get posts up for the fics lately. Here's hoping I'll have enough time to get back to the spoilers and such. I'm hoping that things will calm as the summer wears on. Off to the library for more research. :D

Chapter Eight: Sliding Through the Turns )
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Three entries? Are you freaking kidding me? GDI, LJ, you are REAAAALLY pushing me this morning.

Chapter Seven: Always Darkest Before The Dawn )

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