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P.S. All my stuff is also at fanfic.net.  Leaving reviews there inspires me to write more smut.  (Yes, this is Anissa posting.  How'd you guess?)

Ahem.  On to the stories.

Clois by [livejournal.com profile] januaried

The Little Secrets AU Index Post
[it was too large to contain under the cut]

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The Fic Index of Doom )
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P.S. All my stuff is also at fanfic.net.  Leaving reviews there inspires me to write more smut.  (Yes, this is Anissa posting.  How'd you guess?)

Ahem.  On to the stories.

Clois by [livejournal.com profile] januaried

The Little Secrets AU Index Post
[it was too large to contain under the cut]

[See the other AUs under the jump]

The Fic Index of Doom )
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We've never had to do one of these before, but we do understand that a portion of our audience [maybe a good portion] doesn't read the comics, so you're sincerely lost. Until we can give you more of their back-stories in the fic, this guide might be useful to you for the basics. It's mostly going to be the younger generation, as the more established adults will be easier to find on Wiki and most of their canon remains. It's Kala and Jason's generation that will be tweaked as far as history and their placement in the timeline. Remember, this is meant to be basic and may or may not be beefed up later.

The Cast As It Stands )


Oct. 30th, 2012 04:01 am
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We were actually caught in a snowstorm earlier this afternoon just up around Pink Beds on the Parkway.

And it's been snowing outside the hotel all night. I've been downstairs in it three times already.

Did I mention that the foliage is still gorgeous up here... [my laptop keyboard only half-works; note the lack of exclamation and question mark]

Seriously. We can't really get too far on the Parkways, but we still have one more day here and then another in Gatlinburg.

This truly is heaven, Ridge-riding or not.


Oct. 28th, 2012 01:25 am
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Will be in the car in an hour and a half. Sweet relief. Vacation time is finally here!
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Annnnnd with our usual quota on the plate, our computer ate the chapter file. All of it. About half an hour ago.

Which means that we're going to have to rewrite the damn thing.

From scratch.

Guys, as badly as we wanted to get this to you before we headed out on vacation, it's just not going to happen. There's no way we can recreate a chapter this size in less than 24 hours when we have a ton of last-minute running-around to do. Just zero chance.

I'm totally heartbroken about this. Looks like we'll be posting this next weekend if we can get it finished in time. If all else fails, it'll come out first instead of ATU the following weekend.

It would happen the week we're leaving for vacation, huh?

Sorry, guys.
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This is yet another of those week's leading up to a vacation that's draaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging. I think part of it was this with Vix last week [still hurts; we got her ashes back yesterday in a beautiful wooden box. God bless our vet] and the fact that we have an Operations walk this week. There's been no time to slow down and relax at all. Only getting about three or four hours of sleep a night.

As Lo Vaction-Babbles... )
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This morning's rousing round of 'Fuck You, DC!' is brought to you by this article by The New York Daily News.

Can't even comment on this coherently this morning.

Raise your hand if this is not blatantly looking like yet another way to screw the Shusters and Siegels out of even more of the money they're owned by changing his story and the supporting characters that belong to it.

Thanks, DC, to raping my childhood memories to the point that I'll never EVER buy your comics again, no matter what good things could happen to my OTP in the future and for making me not want to watch anything that's post-Smallville for my couple.

God, you guys make me sick.

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Good morning, all. Those that haven't received the news otherwise, due to a death in the family and a trip scheduled next weekend, ATU is not be posting on schedule in two weeks. Love and Other Headaches will be posted before we leave next Saturday [10/27] and we'll be back to Across the Universe on the following Saturday [11/10].

We actually have something big we're planning on writing for you guys while we're off for that week and it's been a fan-request for this 'verse. Even on vacation, we'll be writing plotting and planning, but there will be no chapter. There's just not time in the schedule for it, as much as I wish there was. As I'm about to start the holiday season as a Customer Service Lead in a large department store, I'm going to need all of the relaxation I can get. I hope you all understand.

That said, we'll see you next weekend and then in two weeks for the next chapter of ATU! Now, enjoy!

Chapter Thirty-Four: Entrapped within a Rare Tempest )
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I want to write up something beautiful and grand, but it hurts my heart so much that I just...

Nothing is adequate.

The level of loss to my heart is not something I can explain.

The words are ash.

Early Monday morning, around 3:30 in the morning, I lost my oldest. Vixen Sionnach was 11 and the very first pup that was ever mine. I can't have kids; there's not even the possibility. But this one...

I just can't explain how much she meant to me and my life as a whole.

She was a stray when she wandered into my life and she was my sweet, wonderful, fascinating daughter when she slipped away like the lady she was.

She'll always be with me, but I just need time to heal for the hole left behind.
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Okay, here we go with this guy. Up until around 8 trying to get this one out. I love this chapter, but this week...been just crazy as the chapter itself with revelations and all. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one for all the little tidbits we winking at here. ;)

Chapter Sixteen: On Knife's Edge )
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Booking hotel for three days in Asheville: Check
Booking hotel for one day in Gatlinburg: Check
Comfortable full-size rental car to save wear and tear on Rita [the Kia]: Check
Countdown clock now on my comp: Check

Okay, so raindrops keep falling and the job schedule change situation [that I have yet to want to explain here] is still in the works to getting evened out, but there's that to look forward to, so the world doesn't look like it's going to fall apart again in totality. This is a plus and I know know that if the money is there, we HAVE to spend one of our holidays in the mountains. Period.

So yeah, this is going to do so much to make things look brighter.

Just in time.
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Yep, it was still coming this week. So worn out from things going on lately, this guy's late because I could think of what the hell to call the chapter! *headdesk* Yeah, it's like that. Enjoy, all!

Chapter Thirty-Three: Memorizing the Footfalls of the Past )
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I love this video [perfection], the game, and the song. OMFG, the song. PLOTTY FEELS!

CiaraLaS-Her Name is Alice-Alice: Madness Returns

Also, [livejournal.com profile] saavikam77, it's on the same Shinedown album as The Sound of Madness. Ironic, huh?
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Having a much better day today and will be watching Once Upon A Time as soon as we get back from the grocery store and get a little bit more writing done on end-of-fic future-canon for LaOH.

SOOO excited to have this show back and my other guilt pleasure next week. On top of Asheville being squared away from the end of the month, I think life might just be livable for a bit.

Bless you, October, for finally showing your face. I might just survive.
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The countdown to vacation and sanity hath begun. And I mean the REAL vacation. This year, we've made the decision that we're going to spend the money and head back up to the Blue Ridge again because the need to recharge is so huge. It's been two years and I'm NEVER going without at least one season up there again. I get absolutely too miserable without it.

That said, we'll be gone the 27th of October through the 2nd of November. Now, there's not going to be posting that week, as we'll be getting home the day before it's due and we plan to actually head out and do things so we can clear our heads and be filled up with all of those wonderful plots that Mountain-Time always gives us.

We'll be looking everything over and might even take two weeks, just so it's fair to both sets of readers. I hate to leave one or the other hanging, so I'll let you know what we decide. ;)

I'll keep you all posted.

Chapter Fifteen: Somewhere in Between )

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