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I know that the radio silence has been making some people worried [I've had a couple of PMs], but I'm not going anywhere. There's just been a lot going on lately, I've been sick, we're in planning up to our elbows for both Across the Universe and Love and Other Headaches, not to mention setting up Blood Will Tell, as well. We have a LOT of projects coming up this Fall and Winter. Stay, the final part of the Tales of the Multi-verse, is also forthcoming.

There are also a few locked posts right now for videos and such that I'm running by my beta team for the upcoming projects. So yep, I'm here and not going anywhere. It's just that I have too many things going on at once and too many spoilers I'm trying to keep to myself to post all the time.

That said, I miss the chance to reply on everything lately. I promise to get caught up soon. But, replying or not, I'm still reading, so I'm keeping up with you all, even if it doesn't easily show.

*snugs her f-list tight* 
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