Jul. 21st, 2012

kalalanekent: (LS-Verse :: Dick :: Plainclothes)
Wow, this one ended up HUGE, but then again, we're wanted to get this chapter out there for months, so it shouldn't be a surprise. And with all the planning and plotting for the future of the series, the muse just wanted to get it all out there. I'm crossing my fingers that my characterization for Batclan isn't too far off with my consultant on them being out for the next little while. *takes a deep breath*

This is likely going to be three parts here on LJ. The word count it will allow is a lot less than it used to be. *pouts* I'm only being able to fit about 3,000 words per post IF I'm lucky.

[Also, Helena's entry will be coming up in the index later today. I'm still looking for the perfect face-claim.]

Chapter Eleven: Reading Scarlet Letters )

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