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<- To the left, a spoiler for our [livejournal.com profile] 12days_of_clois, which should be out in the next two days. I think I'm just going to continue to call the universe as a whole 'Little Secrets' because it's less confusing. This one is set after Heirs by three years, making the twins just passed 19.

Next on the list, finishing the next chapter of ATU, which has been started for a bit now. And then, finally, the premiere of Love and Other Headaches. Expect the pair out by the first of the year. ;)
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Okay, so we're getting things back in order and projects back on the burner. ATU goes back into production starting Monday, there's been progress on LaOH and it should roll out soon, there's a challenge coming up that we're planning to write for, and a birthday fic on the way for one of our favorite people.

How's that for fighting my way back? ;)

By the by, LJ, what the FUCK is up with the random way you keep switching formatting and such? Really? REALLY? *glares the Lane Death Glare*

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